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По пътя на коя от тях ще тръгнеш избираш ти.
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Warwick, The Jungle King

Go down  Съобщение [Страница 1 от 1]

1 Warwick, The Jungle King on Пон Авг 30, 2010 1:50 pm


Име: Уаруик

Години: 19

Раса: Върколак

Способности: Ми, върколак... + Свръх Бързина

Биография: Once a man, Warwick was trained by the Alchemists of Zaun and later hired as a mercenary by the Noxian Army for their war against Ionia. An alchemical genius, he became known to the Ionians as the Deathmaker for the terror and destruction his creations sowed. Sequestered in his labs, he felt no responsibility for the death tolls these creations wrought. Eventually Soraka Soraka, an Ionian with the power of gods in her blood, had seen enough of the alchemist's predations. Something in her snapped, and she sacrificed her divinity to curse Warwick. She wanted him to feel revulsion at what he was, for him to dip his fingers in the blood he so often shed. Soraka cursed him to be a werewolf, a wild murderous beast.What Soraka did not anticipate was that Warwick would revel in his newfound lycanthropy. Turning his back on his human past, Warwick now revels in his physical prowess and bloodlust as a mercenary fighting on the Fields of Justice. As a werewolf, a form he now rarely leaves, Warwick is an unnatural predator. His enormous claws carve enemies to bits, temporarily quenching his eternal thirst to drain their lives, healing his wounds. Worse is when he leaps onto a foe like an animal, knocking the sense out of his prey under a flurry of slashing talons. The vestiges of a pack animal reside within him, he can also let loose a piercing howl, which echoes across the battlefield to both bolster and coordinate those who fight with him. Few can hide from the werewolf, especially once he catches the scent of blood and his hunger overtakes him.

Характер: Той е върколак, ебаси

Описание и Картинка: Вижте ава и сига

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2 Re: Warwick, The Jungle King on Пон Авг 30, 2010 2:02 pm


Одобрен си. Have Fun.

Watch your step,
it may be your last,
if you dont know where to step in.

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