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По пътя на коя от тях ще тръгнеш избираш ти.
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Draco Ventrue

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1 Draco Ventrue on Пон Авг 30, 2010 12:03 pm


Доказващ се
Доказващ се
Име: Draco Ventrue

Години: 1666 /Изглеждаща Форма на 18

Раса: Vampire

Способности:Vampires, are known for their superhuman agility, speed, balance, and tracking people or things according to their scent They also have the ability to hypnotize their victims with their mesmerizing eyes, which will at times flash in a golden or silver tone, depending on their mood. They can fly for a limited period, as long as it is night in their human form. If they are in their bat form, they can fly relatively longer in exchange for their increased vulnerability to sunlight. Speaking of transforming into bats, they can transform into any creature they wise, but it has to be real. (No imaginary stuff, well, maybe a dragon.)
Since they are the living-dead, they can survive without having to eat food or water, although they can eat to blend into society. They can stay underwater for an indefinite period of time, because they don't need to breathe. More powerful vampires can control the weather, so vampire hunters usually target areas where there has been much unusual cloudy or foggy days/nights. They can be inflicted with a small/large amount of damage, but they need human blood to replenish themselves if the damage is large. If it is like a small cut, it can be healed fast by itself. Vampires can live on animal blood instead of human. They also don't age until after a few centuries. This can be prevented by drinking a baby's blood, which is known for their regenerative properties. More advanced vampires mastered the use of their minds, such as telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, Some of them can enter and manipulate dreams of humans, or use their shadows to fufill their deeds. I know there are more than these, but can't name them all, there is too much to name. Vampires can only be killed via decapication. A stake might weaken them, and fire won't do much.

2. Владеене на елемента - Огън

Clan -


Nominal leaders, they claim to have created and have supported the organization of vampires as a whole since the idea's inception. The clan suspects that its founder was slain by a member of the Brujah clan, which is a great blow to its members pride. In any event, the clan almost certifiably has no founder any longer, and has thereby achieved untold independence from its elders. Nonetheless, Ventrue actively involve themselves in every aspect of vampiric society, in which they exercise their considerable influence over the doings of humans as well. Much curiosity exists among the Kindred as to the inner workings of this well-organized clan, as rumors of dark mysteries and slumbering ancients sometimes slip out from under the Ventrue's austere facade.


Draco се е отделил от клана за да може да направи ново сварталище на Вампири и да оголеми популацията на клана. За сега той не е открил достатъчно силни човеци или други създания който да могат да станат достатъчно добри и силни вампири.Но самия Драко има и няколко 2-ро степенни идей има лек замисъл да се опита да направи нов вид вампир вид който е не победим ,но не е срещнал съществото което да приеме тази сила.За сега Драко само иска да опознай текущите създания на това място и има шанс само да се спотава за сега.Дефекта на Драко е ,че все още не си е до отключил всички сили и не е подсилил тези който има защото е намалил много тренировите си.

Характер: Мълчалив ,Няма чувства не изпитва нищо мрази същества който може да са заплаха за Вампирската общност и мрази слабите вампири,Харесва да пие кръв и обича да лети посред ноща край морето.

Описание и Картинка:

Висок - 1м90см
Тегло - 62 кг
Очи Нормални -Черни /Вампирски - Червени
Коса Русокафеникаква

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2 Re: Draco Ventrue on Пон Авг 30, 2010 12:04 pm


Одобрен си. Have Fun.

Watch your step,
it may be your last,
if you dont know where to step in.

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